About Eat.Play.Live

An attempt to Make Sense of the Overwhelming Amount of Wellness Information

In recent times, there has been a growing realization that we should prioritize taking care of ourselves proactively, well before a personal health crises arise. Whether you are looking to enhance your fitness, improve your sleep, manage stress, or simply lead a healthier life, the good news is that there’s a wealth of excellent publications and online resources that can guide you in reclaiming control over your health and overall well-being. However, the rapidly growing availability of such resources has led to an information overload, misinformation, and confusion, especially in the realm of nutrition. This website aims to serve as a “filter”, simplifying complex scientific information and highlighting questionable, unverified, or outdated information, including public health advice. My goal is to provide concise information, with more comprehensive insights available in blog posts on specific topics. It’s important to note that this website is an ongoing project – new information will be added, and outdated information will be refreshed periodically.

With a background in Ecology, I fully recognize and embrace the profound link between ourselves and our natural and social environments, as well as the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit. This understanding emphasises that true wellness encompasses far more than mere physical fitness. Because I cannot claim expertise in every facet of well-being, this website primarily centres on Nutrition (Eat) and Fitness (Play). Additionally, I will touch on various Lifestyle (Live) elements (beyond nutrition and fitness) where I possess some insight and experience.

The aim of this website is to inform and motivate you to achieve the highest possible degree of health and well-being. I approach this using a holistic approach that encompasses nutrition, fitness, and various other lifestyle aspects. My goal is to provide you with accurate, honest, and scientifically grounded information. I urge you to be open-minded, and adopt a holistic mindset while studying the content of these pages.

It will require some willpower, but it is totally possible to you boost your health without relying on medications, drugs, or quick fixes. I do not advocate extreme diets, intense fitness routines, or drastic detox programs. Instead, you are encouraged to make gradual adjustments to your lifestyle, and where necessary, your home and work environments. Do not expect instant solutions, but rather a steady transformation that becomes an integral part of your new way of life.


The information and advice that you will find on this Website is NOT Medical Advice. It is Wellness Advice…

I am NOT a Doctor or any other kind of “medical professional”. Information contained in these pages is meant to stimulate thought. I want you to re-examine your health. Are you doing the best you can to optimize your health? Is the advice you’ve received from doctors the best possible advice? I want you to read, research and think about your current state of health. Stimulating such action is what this website is for – it is NOT medical advice. You should not start, stop or change any medication based on what you read here. You should discuss such changes with your trusted doctor. If you don’t trust your current doctor, then find a new one…

Medical Advice is information you should receive only in a doctor-patient relationship, not from a book or website. Medical advice can only be given by a qualified health-care provider to a patient in a particular scenario. This advice is given to the patient either in the hospital, clinic, urgent care or increasingly, during an on-line consultation. You should use the information on this website to become an expert on your health and wellness. Use this information to form intelligent questions and requests for your doctor. You should under no circumstances change your medical regimen based on the contents of this website alone.

Fitness advice is strictly for individuals who appear to be in good health (“apparently healthy individuals”). It’s geared towards those who are currently not very fit, older adults, and other special population groups (such as ante- and postnatal women and people with certain disabilities).